It is NOT the Quantity but Quality of Time.

Summer is in full swing which means swim practice, summer school, family events...and well three professional conferences in three weeks.  By July 11th I will have been in Saint Paul, Minnesota; Denver, Colorado; and Washington DC for three amazing conferences. Oh and on the 4th I am running my 2nd half marathon of 2016. While... Continue Reading →

Finding Fulcrum Between Work and Life

Wow-March is back.  I tend to forgot how crazy busy this time of year can be until I am in the middle of it shaking my head.  Thanks to my awesome PLN I know I am not the only one out there feeling a little frazzled right now....   So how do we find the... Continue Reading →

Occupational Wellbeing-Reclaiming the Margins between School and Home.

During the 2015-16 School Year we have had the chance to really dig into our professional calling to teach.  We have done this using Dr. Adam Saenz's book The Power of a Teacher.  These series of posts reflect the extension work we did in our school book club.   Setting appropriate boundaries between work and personal... Continue Reading →

Do You Need the Sunday Principle? Step 2-Rip it Off Like a Band Aid

So a week of *gasp* one hour off social media/phone/tablet/iPad/iPod/computer  how did you do?  Was it painful?  Were you in a panic?  How about day 5 or 6-did it get better or worse? Regardless-we are moving on to Step Two:  12 hours of limited connectivity.  Think of this as a 'vacay in the mountains' where... Continue Reading →

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