Occupational Wellbeing-Reclaiming the Margins between School and Home.

During the 2015-16 School Year we have had the chance to really dig into our professional calling to teach.  We have done this using Dr. Adam Saenz’s book The Power of a Teacher.  These series of posts reflect the extension work we did in our school book club.


Setting appropriate boundaries between work and personal responsibilities is essential to occupational wellbeing.

-Adam Saenz


Dr. Saenz defines this as “we typically leave school-but school doesn’t leave us”.  We all know the research and have seen the posts about how many hours a teacher really does work so this is no surprise.  However doing something about it becomes the challenge.  Sandy Anderson, from the Mayo Clinic, gives this visual to help teachers understand how to set those boundaries.

Are you giving yourself margin to make decisions that impact your long-term wellbeing?

Have you done this to a Word Document-you find that you are running over in the page just a bit-so you go up to “margins” and click ‘narrow’.  Sandy describes this as a challenge we face in our fight for balance.  Too often we take on more and more until there is no more margin between school and home.  Even in our calendars we write in appointments and schedule tasks to do that we erase any time to reflect and take time for ourselves.  Sandy challenged us to the following:

Look at your calendar and pen in white space at least two times each week for the next 4 weeks. Practice margin.

and in that white space challenge yourself to “Take 5” for yourself.


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