The Personal Side of the Principalship.

This date holds a lot of meaning for our family. On Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 we received an email at 2am from the Embassy in Ethiopia that we were cleared to adopt our son. After a very long and difficult journey I had 3 days to buy supplies, pack bags, and fly to Africa by... Continue Reading →

Your State of Mind Matters as Much as the Words You Speak: Learning to Self-Regulate Before You Communicate.

A busy week, a crazy schedule, overwhelmed and overworked. With that state of mind any minor ask from others can become a major irritation for me. My heart rate increases while my patiences decreases. My facial reaction is no longer a game face, but one of frustration or irritation. And worst response to a request tends to not represent my best-self, but one of frustration and anxiety.

Finding joy in the journey, not just the final outcome.

Two weeks ago I ran the California International Marathon with my very dear friend Adam Welcome. Marathon weekend was an incredible experience that created memories I will never forget.   Since I have come back home I have been asked what my favorite part of the race answer the training. While the actual race took under... Continue Reading →

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