Thursday-Critter Moment: Giving Clear and Concise Directions

So far this week we have focused a lot on Using Positive Feedback and Encouragement through the following: Contingent on appropriate behavior Descriptive Conveyed with enthusiasm To add onto this strategy today include a focus on giving directions.  Did you know that in early childhood, research shows that children have high rates of not following... Continue Reading →

Wednesday-Critter Moment: Addressing Challenging Behavior

  What Does Behavior Communicate-Really? Think of a student you have who seems to engage in the same challenging behavior over and over.  Young children’s behavior is a fast and powerful communication tool used to tell you what s/he needs or wants. Children continue to use a behavior because it works!  Children will use challenging... Continue Reading →

20 ’16’ Ways to Create a Positive Classroom in the New Year.

Happy New Year!  I honestly almost love January more than September-it is like a fresh start on the school year-except we have a little traction under our feet.  We know the kids-they know us-and we have 1/2 the year left together.  To start off the New Year I compiled '16' strategies that have helped many... Continue Reading →

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