How a Kindergarten Center is Amazing with Jessica Cabeen Transformative Principal 099   Overview:  Woodson has been an all-day everyday Kindergarten Center for the past 11 years.  In the past 4 years enrollment has fluctuated between 360–425 students (currently about 385 with our preschool class).  51% of our students are students of color, and we have a 61% free and reduced lunch student population.  We have... Continue Reading →

Welcome Moms and Dads! Are You Ready for Kindergarten?

So much information out on the web talks about Kindergarten Readiness and the importance of critical features that support young learners.  Not as much focus on us...the parents and how we cope, adjust and support the first year of K-12. I am no expert-but I am a parent, and a practitioner.  My first son went... Continue Reading →

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