150 Ways to Show We Care-A Community of Caring Opportunity

Last year at Woodson we started intentionally finding ways to show our students, children, and those around us how much we care about them.  This year is no different. During February Conferences each family at Woodson received the Search Institutes 150 Ways Poster and was given a challenge-choose one and do it.  Our results will be posted on... Continue Reading →


Friday Critter Moment: Hot Buttons

We all have them (we just might not admit it all the time).  Things that our friends, our own kids, our spouse do that feel like nails on the chalkboard.  We also have hot buttons at school-and our students may/or may not know what these buttons are but we sure do!  Before you keep reading-know... Continue Reading →

Thursday-Critter Moment: Giving Clear and Concise Directions

So far this week we have focused a lot on Using Positive Feedback and Encouragement through the following: Contingent on appropriate behavior Descriptive Conveyed with enthusiasm To add onto this strategy today include a focus on giving directions.  Did you know that in early childhood, research shows that children have high rates of not following... Continue Reading →

Wednesday-Critter Moment: Addressing Challenging Behavior

  What Does Behavior Communicate-Really? Think of a student you have who seems to engage in the same challenging behavior over and over.  Young children’s behavior is a fast and powerful communication tool used to tell you what s/he needs or wants. Children continue to use a behavior because it works!  Children will use challenging... Continue Reading →

Tuesday-Critter Moment: Making a Deposit for Students

Benefits of “Making Deposits” in Your Relationships with Children (referring to 5:1 positive attention ratio). As we build on yesterday's moment-as you are focusing more on what you want to see and less of what you don't continue to reframe those expectations in specific, visual contexts.  As we know making these deposits for our students... Continue Reading →

20 ’16’ Ways to Create a Positive Classroom in the New Year.

Happy New Year!  I honestly almost love January more than September-it is like a fresh start on the school year-except we have a little traction under our feet.  We know the kids-they know us-and we have 1/2 the year left together.  To start off the New Year I compiled '16' strategies that have helped many... Continue Reading →

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