Tuesday-Critter Moment: Making a Deposit for Students

Benefits of “Making Deposits” in Your Relationships with Children (referring to 5:1 positive attention ratio).

As we build on yesterday’s moment-as you are focusing more on what you want to see and less of what you don’t continue to reframe those expectations in specific, visual contexts.  As we know making these deposits for our students has values such as:

  • Influence a child’s emotional, cognitive, and social development
  • Help children develop secure relationships with other adults
  • Help children develop good peer relationships
  • Help reduce the frequency of behavior problems
  • Help children develop positive self-esteem
  • Results in higher rates of child engagement


Take time during the day to recognize students that are caring for each other and specifically identify what they were doing.  Try to set a goal for X number of Critter Cards that you hope to hand out and then surpass that goal each day this week-it won’t hurt and it will make a difference in your classroom.

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