Friday Critter Moment: Hot Buttons

We all have them (we just might not admit it all the time).  Things that our friends, our own kids, our spouse do that feel like nails on the chalkboard.  We also have hot buttons at school-and our students may/or may not know what these buttons are but we sure do!  Before you keep reading-know this-we all have buttons and sometimes we blow it.  Yep, we have the best intentions, we have read the research but we are not perfect.   So if you get into the Button Pushing Cycle-try again next time (as I am sure there will be one).

Hot Buttons

Think about:

  • What behaviors push your buttons?
  • How did you feel when you were working with that child that pushes your button?
  • How do these feelings affect you interaction with children when they engage in these behaviors?

Do you have a strategy for dealing with these situations?  It’s hard to be effective with children when you are feeling this way…



Find ways to caring for your self and learn how to banish button pushing!

  • Practice a little deep breathing/yoga
  • Use a calm tone when responding to student (don’t let on that they hit the button).
  • Pause-walk away (if possible)-regroup and try again later.
  • Sprinkle them with kindness-instead of a negative comment praise the student for something-anything.  Break the cycle of button pushing and start on a different course of positive communication.

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