When You Can’t Leave it In Your Car. #LeadLAP post.

So very honored that Shelley Burgess and Beth Houf, co-authors of Lead Like a Pirate allowed me to share my story. Click here to head over to the post. Want a take away? Below is a graphic to help support those who might be struggling through a recent loss.

20'20' Questions That Will Enhance Your Life and Leadership. #UnConLeader

Caution, I love lists. I make lists for almost every aspect of my life...from school, to work, to even packing I have a list for it. For the past few years have challenged myself to make lists to start the new year. 20'19' Ways to Elevate Your Leadership This Year20'18' Ways to Start The New... Continue Reading →

Your State of Mind Matters as Much as the Words You Speak: Learning to Self-Regulate Before You Communicate.

A busy week, a crazy schedule, overwhelmed and overworked. With that state of mind any minor ask from others can become a major irritation for me. My heart rate increases while my patiences decreases. My facial reaction is no longer a game face, but one of frustration or irritation. And worst off.....my response to a request tends to not represent my best-self, but one of frustration and anxiety.

Encouraging creativity, risk-taking, and innovating professional development. #HackingEarlyLearning

Start Leading Professional Development the Way You Want Students to Learn#HackingEarlyLearning Listen   Just like learning our classrooms, learning in the staff lounge has to look different. Each one of us comes in with different passions, different skill sets and amazing ideas about how best we can continue to serve our students. Finding ways to... Continue Reading →

Cultivating strong relationships with all stakeholders. #HackingEarlyLearning

Change The conversation With Parents#HackingEarlyLearning Listen   When we frame interactions with families coming from a place of building opportunities to learn from their child’s first teacher we can start having a meaningful conversation with parents. Finding time to build those relationships requires creativity, effort and time to engage with parents in any way possible. ... Continue Reading →

Creating coherence between the worlds of early ed and K-12. #HackingEarlyLearning

Invite Yourself Out and Invite Others In#HackingEarlyLearning #HackSeven Listen   When we are working together, PreK and K-12, in authentic ways-communication, collaboration and high expectations for all students becomes the real focus of everyone's work. Finding ways to work and learn together and less in isolation from the each other is critical to ensure the... Continue Reading →

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