20 ’19’ Ways to #Elevate Your Leadership-part two.

So last week we had the first five ways to look at how you can #Elevate what you do and your daily interactions with others in small, easy ways. Take it from the person who has mastered almost 6 ingredient recipes in her Instant Pot-I love easy. Today we tackle the next five-again if you... Continue Reading →


20 ’19’ Ways to #Elevate Your Leadership This Year.

Here we go..off and running. You have your #OneWord, your new planner, the calendar is set, the meal planning done, you are in a better place today than you were last year in successfully completing the goals before you. In the next few weeks I hope to share some new tips and ideas to help... Continue Reading →

Leading from your feet, not your seat…take two.

Last year when writing¬†Hacking Early Learning¬†I had been spending a lot of time in classrooms. Coming from years at the secondary level, kindergarten students and staff almost spoke a different language than I did. Seriously, I had no idea what a Riso Machine was for the first 3 months on the job (and honestly 6... Continue Reading →

Becoming the Emergency Contact. #LeadForward #HackingEarlyLearning

This past weekend I was able to spend time with a very close family friend in another state. Years ago this relationship started as a school family, the oldest daughter and I go way back to my years at the middle school as her Assistant Principal. Her younger sisters came through the kindergarten center and... Continue Reading →

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