Remembering the Wonder in Learning.

This week I have had the opportunity to observe our first attempts of rotations in learning centers. Teachers have set the foundation, modeled, practiced and reviewed what it will look like moving in small groups from station to station.  One day I was a helping with a fine motor activity and the next day I... Continue Reading →

Educators Lead Podcast: Jessica Cabeen Jessica Cabeen is the principal of Woodson Kindergarten Center in Austin, Minnesota. Jessica has an interesting career path that I will let her share with you in the interview, but in the end she became a school administrator because of her heart for children. Jessica holds a Bachelors degree in Music Therapy from University... Continue Reading →

from Consumers to Creators: Integrating Technology in the PreK-3 Years.

This is additional information from our presentation at the MN STEM Network Conference on Tuesday, April 5th, 2016. Is this what you think of when considering incorporating Digital Learning in your PreK-3 classes? If so-you are not alone.  In NAEYC's recent book:  Technology and Digital Media in the Early Years provided some guidance into this new territory: We all share... Continue Reading →

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