‘Happy’ Holidays Look Different for All Families

As a Principal the holiday season brings a lot of emotions for staff, students, families and community members.  We do our best to remain even keel, calm and structured.  I try to remain supportive, neutral and encouraging for those students who may not always be as excited about a break as their peers-while sharing in... Continue Reading →

The Power of a Letter

During December the staff at Woodson took on a challenge-to take time out of this busy time of year to PAUSE and recognize someone who has made a big difference in our lives.   We took this idea from the video The Success Project. Identify 4 people who have made an impact on where you... Continue Reading →

Occupational Wellbeing-Making a Mantra for Survival

In the article "How to Set Boundaries" Brene Brown highlights the necessity of setting up boundaries between home-life-family while honoring time for yourself as well. Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others.  Brene Brown This can be a difficult task-especially if you are one... Continue Reading →

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