When Did Facebook Replace Connecting with Our Real Life Friends?

So now that you are practicing the “Sunday Principle” it is time for more practical tips for Sunday and the rest of the week to refresh and engage with those around you-in real life.

A few weeks ago I was at a conference about 20 minutes away from a dear friend of mine-one whose birthday was that day.  Now earlier in the day I “posted” the Happy Birthday message along with her other ‘friends’.  However after the conference I ‘paused’ and then made a trip to get flowers and a card and ran over to her house before I made the two hour drive home.

After that experience I thought to myself “when did social media replace my face-to-face connections with others?”.  Sometimes I have moments in which I shoot off a text like “miss you-hope we can connect”, but I never set that date.  Now granted I am not suggesting that you start road-tripping across the US dropping off birthday presents-but is there a friend out there you haven’t connected with via phone or in person in a few months?

Try to Do:  Try to make that call or meet up someone you have been thinking of connect with for a visit this week.  The extra time this takes during your week will replenish your spirit and build stronger friendships and relationships more than all the ‘tags’ in the world.

Be Blessed!



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