trying your best 110% of the time, while giving yourself GRACE when you fall short….

So ironically this has been sitting in my “draft” box for about a month!  September is a busy month-back to school for my own kids plus the school of 360 kiddos I am Principal of…..well it is busy!  As I opened up the blog site and dusted the cobwebs off the keyboard an old familiar friend hit me right in the gut.

I know I am not the only one who struggles with this……guilt.  I feel bad if I stay at work late, I feel bad if I leave early (…..5 pm).  I worry that I give too much of myself to my students and staff at school, I worry I don’t give enough to my spouse and children at home.  I wish I had more energy to run-every day.  I wish I had more willpower NOT to eat that Twix bar (those things literally are like my WillyWonka ‘Golden Ticket’).

Jen Hatmaker said this last week during a podcast about her newest book (FYI it is wonderful) and it has now become my Mantra:


This year  I am going to concisely try to be okay with GOOD ENOUGH.  So I might not get that fall half-marathon in my schedule and that is GOOD ENOUGH.  I might leave my office in chaos to catch a swim practice and that is GOOD ENOUGH.  This blog post might not have eloquent graphics or quotes at the end so I can have a ‘date night’ on the couch with my husband and well….that is GOOD ENOUGH.

Just saying it is quite freeing….because holding yourself to standards that are virtually impossible and feeling guilty when you fall short is not a life any of us should lead.

Here is to a week of GOOD ENOUGH!

Be blessed-


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