A Principal’s Playlist.

I love music.  Love it so much my first degree wasn't in education-it was in Music Therapy.  I know the many ways music can heal, inspire, encourage and support people through all sorts of seasons. So this post is a sort of 'Sonata of Songs' for school. To see if you are ready -click this... Continue Reading →

Get silly…..and get over it.

  What do you think of when you think about your personal experiences with your school principals?  Did he/she know your name?  Did you see them out and about in the school, events and in the community?  Was going to the Principal's office the worst thing that could happen in your school career? So many... Continue Reading →

PBIS: Four Steps Towards Implementation

PBIS-Four letters that can evoke different thoughts and feelings from teachers, leaders, students and parents. If implemented well-it works.  If not-stakeholders are left with a bad taste of the system of supports that was not fully explained or fully implemented. PBIS is more than tickets and parties, it is a prevention based school wide approach... Continue Reading →

Educators Lead Podcast: Jessica Cabeen

http://www.educatorslead.com/jessicacabeen/ Jessica Cabeen is the principal of Woodson Kindergarten Center in Austin, Minnesota. Jessica has an interesting career path that I will let her share with you in the interview, but in the end she became a school administrator because of her heart for children. Jessica holds a Bachelors degree in Music Therapy from University... Continue Reading →

Batteries May Be Required.  Tech Tools in the Early Learning Years.

We all share a responsibility to be sure children’s engagement with screen media supports early learning and the development of the whole child. NAEYC’s Technology and Digital Media in the Early Years  When you think of handing technology over to young children in this the picture that initially comes to mind?    Creating opportunities for teachers,... Continue Reading →

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