Batteries May Be Required.  Tech Tools in the Early Learning Years.

We all share a responsibility to be sure children’s engagement with screen media supports early learning and the development of the whole child. NAEYC’s Technology and Digital Media in the Early Years 

When you think of handing technology over to young children in this the picture that initially comes to mind? 

Creating opportunities for teachers, students and parents of our youngest learners can provide enhanced content knowledge acquisition, creativity, and extension of learning targets.  It can also be an overwhelming to determine where to start and how to enrich learning with tech tools.  

A great starting place and framework in moving forward to determining the role of digital technology in the classroom is utilizing the Three C’s Framework:

  • Content:  How could this activity help children: engage, express, imagine or explore?
  • Context:  How does it complement (not interrupt) children’s natural play?
  • The Individual Child:  How do we choose the right tech tools?

Armed with this framework at Woodson we look to embed iPad’s into classroom learning stations and in independent work or extension of current projects.  We have piloted a coding club and continue to look for ways to extended our current engineering units with these highly motivating tech tools such as BeeBots and Spheros.  Creating connections between Literacy, Math and Science with app’s such as, Daisy the Dinosaur and Kodable provide opportunities for differentiation and connections between school and home.  

Coding in K Resources might give you a few more ideas in starting this journey or contact me to collaborate and share your learning to find you and your school the right fit in starting this amazing adventure.  
First Rule:  Take Risks Early, Take Risks Often and remember that ‘Fail’ is not a bad ‘F’ word.  

Why?  Because Kids Deserve It!

Keep Dreaming BIG for our LITTLEST Learners!


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