Etiquette for Principals. #ThankAPrincipal

October is #ThankaPrincipal month, and it couldn't be a better month to have it. Many school leaders have been going strong since July 1st (or honestly never stopped). We are all a month or two into the year and the honeymoon phase is officially over. However one thing I have learned is that we as... Continue Reading →


When Your Quadrants Collide #BalanceLAP

Hey, I am back.....I think. No matter how many years you are in education, switching schools, roles and grade levels is...well exhausting. Three months into this new position and I think I am finally ready to come up for air. While I pull into the garage every night exhausted, I wake up every morning so... Continue Reading →

Reflections from 13 days of Teaching Kindergarten. #HackingEarlyLearning

My professional challenge started on November 14th, 2017 in the Red Bunny room. Armed with extensive lesson plans, and a nervousness I haven't had in years, I walked into a classroom of 25 students ready to teach for an entire day. This challenge was completed on March 22, 2018 in the Blue Chipmunk room. During... Continue Reading →

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