20'20' Questions That Will Enhance Your Life and Leadership. #UnConLeader

Caution, I love lists. I make lists for almost every aspect of my life...from school, to work, to even packing I have a list for it. For the past few years have challenged myself to make lists to start the new year. 20'19' Ways to Elevate Your Leadership This Year20'18' Ways to Start The New... Continue Reading →

Leading with Grace Through Difficult Circumstances.

It might be saying no to a program or special event that has always been done-but needs to be done. It might be listening to a parent or guardian express frustration because you are unable to share details of a recent event that involved their child-but other children as well. It could even be a... Continue Reading →

20’19’ Ways to #Elevate Your Leadership-The Final Chapter

The Final Four! You made it, if you missed a few installments just click on my blog at https://principalinbalance.wordpress.com/ if you want the full infographic and would be willing to join the tribe click here to sign up. These four don't need much of introduction, but certainly a good reminder now, or anytime of year.... Continue Reading →

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