Be Careful of the Shiny New Tech Tools as You Start the School Year.

I will admit it-I like shiny new things.  I have always loved the Back to School time of year.  Buying my new school agenda (thanks Amber Teamann for sharing Erin Condren with me this year), creating the school year calendar in my office and that sense of a fresh start is exciting for me.  ... Continue Reading →

What I Really Learned This Year in Kindergarten.

So this will be the end of my 5th year in kindergarten.  I will be repeating kindergarten again next year (and the year after that, and the year after that…) but oh man this year I will be ugly crying on the last day. The students, this staff and these families have been incredible.  The... Continue Reading →

Unconventional Leadership: Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast. Jessica Cabeen has been a Kindergarten Principal in Austin Minnesota for the past 5 years.  Previous to this she was an assistant middle school principal and special education supervisor.  Her teaching career included work in special education and as a music therapist.  She facilitates the Minnesota P3 Principal Leadership series as well the Principal Academy through the... Continue Reading →

Coding, Computational Thinking and Kindergarten. #PackInTrain #RenLead

So last year I started a Coding Club...with kindergarten students. Oh it get's better-I haven't been a 'teacher' in over a decade! The Woodson Coding Club started first on a personal passion-to find out more about my son's love of robotics. This passion grew into a mission to provide our youngest learners opportunity to create,... Continue Reading →


This year I have had the amazing opportunity to participate in a few Voxer groups that have given me the nudge to pursue coding at my school.  With great mentorship from Adam Welcome and Dr. Brad Gustafson I was able to really wrap my head around-do kindergartners really have the ability to code?  With some... Continue Reading →

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