Connecting in Kindergarten.#SAVMP Reflections

“What are some ways you connect with your school community?” Meaningful connections with a school community that changes every 174 days was a challenge at first.  Leading at a Kindergarten Center provides a unique opportunity to develop sparks, interests and set a foundation for learning for all stakeholders.  Taking the lead from Robert Fulghum's  ... Continue Reading →

Getting What You Want Out of Leading and Life.

The end of September for educators can at times be similar to the mid points of a marathon.  Too late to turn around and too far ahead to think about the finish.  It can be hard not to compare your journey with others-and something I used to (and still slip into) focusing on in my... Continue Reading →

SPAM and the Characteristics of the Innovator’s Mindset

Yes, I am attempting to draw parallels between George Couros  The Innovators Mindset and a Midwest Icon...SPAM®. This spring our district created a hashtag and started a summer book study on George's book...the hashtag-well of course:  #SPAMTownEdChat. This past week one of the questions we all dove into was the following: Question #5:  How Might You Create and... Continue Reading →

from Consumers to Creators: Integrating Technology in the PreK-3 Years.

This is additional information from our presentation at the MN STEM Network Conference on Tuesday, April 5th, 2016. Is this what you think of when considering incorporating Digital Learning in your PreK-3 classes? If so-you are not alone.  In NAEYC's recent book:  Technology and Digital Media in the Early Years provided some guidance into this new territory: We all share... Continue Reading →

150 Ways to Show We Care-A Community of Caring Opportunity

Last year at Woodson we started intentionally finding ways to show our students, children, and those around us how much we care about them.  This year is no different. During February Conferences each family at Woodson received the Search Institutes 150 Ways Poster and was given a challenge-choose one and do it.  Our results will be posted on... Continue Reading →

Connecting with PreK: Intentional Staff Development Opportunities #ECECHAT

With a nudge from this year's MN Pre3 Principal Leadership Series we have been looking at ways to more intentionally work with our preschool educators in our community.  On Wednesday, March 9th we will put this into action with our first preK/K collaborative staff development opportunity. Goal: Create a PreK-K Literacy Workshop   1.1  Engage your learning community in understanding... Continue Reading →

Who is really doing the homework anyway? #SAVMP

In the ongoing debate about homework you can find some excellent posts and suggestions from some highly respectable leaders in the field.  For example Tony Sinanis shared a three part series of how his school looks at homework from the building, teacher and parent perspective.  Another #SAVMP friend-Liz shared this post about the great homework debate.  And you can't... Continue Reading →

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