Mobile Office: Getting Out of the Office and Into Classrooms

To start off 2016 my Voxer group had a challenge-to start getting into classrooms more while still having ‘balance’ between school and home.  I love being in classrooms, however I also love having time away from work at night so I can focus on being a better mom and wife this year.  So that is where mobile office comes into play.  This week I have had ‘office hours’ in  6 different classrooms.

Some of the office duties included:

  • Reviewing Minnesota State Standards while watching students identify #’s 6-10 during independent work.
  • Reading an article on Development Play skills while enjoying a music lesson in our preK classroom.
  • Writing up a coding class proposal while learning about new app’s on the iPad from a friend in the Blue Otter classroom.
  • Checking and responding to email while supporting a few students in finishing up color matching activities.
  • Helping students get organized for independent writing.

What I have learned so far:

  • Students now know that even adults have work to do 🙂
  • I am borrowing a lot of ideas for proactive behavior strategies that I can use when I start teaching that coding class.
  • I am not overwhelmed when I come back into the office in answering emails/etc.  as I can keep tabs on them while in classrooms.
  • Teachers like having an extra hand on deck to help support students who might need a little extra help.
  • I can get many more tweets out sharing our school day when immersed in the classrooms.

This year my #oneword was BETTER-which is fitting as I am learning new ways to have BETTER balance between the responsibilities of school and home-while have a total blast in classrooms.

Keep Thinking Big for our Littlest Learners!





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