My Six Word Reflection on #NPC17

How in the world do you put into words the incredible experience that was had at the first every National PreK-12 Principal Conference?  48 hours after my experience I landed on a visual and six words. PD/PLN Hangover: over the course of four days I connect with hundreds (I am not kidding) leaders passionate about... Continue Reading →

Connecting with PreK: Intentional Staff Development Opportunities #ECECHAT

With a nudge from this year's MN Pre3 Principal Leadership Series we have been looking at ways to more intentionally work with our preschool educators in our community.  On Wednesday, March 9th we will put this into action with our first preK/K collaborative staff development opportunity. Goal: Create a PreK-K Literacy Workshop   1.1  Engage your learning community in understanding... Continue Reading →

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