My Six Word Reflection on #NPC17

How in the world do you put into words the incredible experience that was had at the first every National PreK-12 Principal Conference?  48 hours after my experience I landed on a visual and six words.

PD/PLN Hangover: over the course of four days I connect with hundreds (I am not kidding) leaders passionate about kids.  Many of these leaders I hadn’t met face to face, but had been connected to on Voxer or Twitter.  My head is full of new ideas, information and ways to continue to build a strong culture and deliver sound instructional practices in our school. I got to the airport Tuesday afternoon mentally exhausted and emotionally spent, but incredibly happy for this experience.

PicCollage (1)

Wait-what?!?! You know me?  I still feel like most of the experience was a dream, so many of my #eduheros were in one place and they were the most gracious and friendly people ever!  During sessions, out for dinner, at the #PrincipalsinAction meet up, the #MomsasPrincipals social, or at the Future Ready Schools social-taking the time to have conversations with the many school leaders that I look up to was a rewarding experience that I won’t forget.

There was even opportunities for my PLN to meet leaders in my school district-the ability to connect people I see every day with people in my PLN that I learn from everyday was a unique aspect to the conversation that strengthened my relationships with all of them.



I am really looking forward to reading other people’s blogs and reflections from #NPC17 in the next few days and even more excited for the next time we all see each other.

This statement from Jimmy Casas pretty much summed up why I love to learn and lead with my friends.



Keep Dreaming BIG, and make sure you take a few friends along on the journey!




2 thoughts on “My Six Word Reflection on #NPC17

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  1. Great reflection! I feel the same! Although I don’t think we met, I look forward to following you and taking this path together. Good luck to you and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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