A Principal’s Playlist.

I love music.  Love it so much my first degree wasn’t in education-it was in Music Therapy.  I know the many ways music can heal, inspire, encourage and support people through all sorts of seasons.

So this post is a sort of ‘Sonata of Songs’ for school.

To see if you are ready -click this link first:


Feet tapping?  Feeling the need to find a cowbell?  Then you are ready to start a dance party at your school!

Rain or shine at Woodson we dance.   My motto is “Every child should feel like a rock star when they walk into the school.”  And music plays a huge part in starting the day off right-just look below :

So where do you start?

My playlists-represent many difference genres of music and musical styles.  So regardless if I am walking around the hallways, out a bus arrival, or directing traffic while dancing (oh yes while dancing), the music we play reaches all ages.

Our music machine? Has worked rain, shine and -20 below.

Afraid?  Worried it will ‘hype up the kids’ too much?  And what will the staff say??

Trust me-no one will argue with you finding ways to engage students, staff and families in such a positive way to start the day!

Keep dreaming BIG for our LITTLEST learners!


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  1. What is your music machine? I love how music changes a mood and really want to do this each morning outside starting for next school year. Any tips to get started ?

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