Taking Steps to Become a Connected School Leader. #MESPAMN

Wow, September is almost over? In my 10 years as a school leader-this year, this month by far has gone the fastest. A new position, new grade levels, new challenges and new opportunities have allowed me to really reflect on how I can use my PLN in a new way to help me sustain the... Continue Reading →


Hacking Early Learning with Better Leaders Better Schools.

Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast-Listen HERE! Jessica Cabeen Show Highlights: What it’s like to be a recovering Middle School AP The importance of shadowing students and teachers Jessica’s system for writing a personal note to every single student at the beginning of the year Jessica has no email on her phone … could you? “Leaders... Continue Reading →

Hack 10: Move on Up Creating sustainable and successful transitions from PreK through 3rd grade. #HackingEarlyLearning

Listen Navigating the systems of preschool and K-12 can be daunting for families. Educators on both sides of this transition can make intentional steps towards alignment, ease of transition, and welcoming families between these critical points of their little lives. Learn Building Relationships and Setting the Stage Before K Creating Meaningful Transitions from PreK-K Bornfreund, L.... Continue Reading →

Hack 9: Start Leading Professional Development the Way You Want Students to Learn. Encouraging creativity, risk-taking, and innovating professional development. #HackingEarlyLearning

Listen Just like learning our classrooms, learning in the staff lounge has to look different. Each one of us comes in with different passions, different skill sets and amazing ideas about how best we can continue to serve our students. Finding ways to give teachers a stronger voice and choice in their own learning enhances the... Continue Reading →

Hack 8: Change the conversation with parents. Cultivating strong relationships with all stakeholders. #HackingEarlyLearning

Listen   When we frame interactions with families coming from a place of building opportunities to learn from their child’s first teacher we can start having a meaningful conversation with parents. Finding time to build those relationships requires creativity, effort and time to engage with parents in any way possible. Learn All In! Finding Ways to Create... Continue Reading →

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