Monday-Critter Moment: Focus on the Positive


We are back!  Hopefully you each had a restful end to 2015 and ready to start 2016 off in an awesomely epic sort of way!  This week our PBIS team has taken time to put a few things together for you to reflect on in your daily practice.  Enjoy!

Do you notice the more you focus on the positive-the more positive you see in your classroom?

Ongoing Monitoring and Positive Attention

  1. Give children attention (e.g., verbal, nonverbal) when they are engaging in appropriate behaviors.
  2. Provide feedback for their effort, thinking, and problem solving versus emphasizing quality of work. Balance positive feedback and encouragement with engaging children in authentic conversations. You do not want to engage in a monologue of continual feedback.
  3. Adults need to monitor their own behavior to make sure they are spending more time using positive, descriptive language and less time giving directions or correcting inappropriate behavior.

Challenge: Teach What We Preach

Reteach and remind-take a moment in each setting on the matrix and “reteach/remind” students of expectations prior to-during-and at the end of the time in that space.  Try to think of this as the first time they have heard this information-how can you best get expectations across in a developmentally appropriate manner?



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