Thursday-Critter Moment: Giving Clear and Concise Directions

So far this week we have focused a lot on Using Positive Feedback and Encouragement through the following:

  • Contingent on appropriate behavior
  • Descriptive
  • Conveyed with enthusiasm

To add onto this strategy today include a focus on giving directions.  Did you know that in early childhood, research shows that children have high rates of not following teacher directions!  Increase your odds by doing the following:

Challenge:  Giving Directions

  1. Make sure you have the children’s attention before you give the direction.
  2. Minimize the number of directions given to children.
  3. Individualize the way directions are given.
  4. Give clear directions.
  5. Give directions that are positive.
  6. Give children the opportunity to respond to a direction.
  7. When appropriate, give the child choices and options for following directions.
  8. Follow through with positive acknowledgment of children’s behavior.

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