It is NOT the Quantity but Quality of Time.

Summer is in full swing which means swim practice, summer school, family events…and well three professional conferences in three weeks.  By July 11th I will have been in Saint Paul, Minnesota; Denver, Colorado; and Washington DC for three amazing conferences. Oh and on the 4th I am running my 2nd half marathon of 2016.

While I may think I am busy I have been blessed to be a part of some amazing networks of PLN’s that are even busier than I am.  Some are taking on new positions in their districts, some are making a move (literally) to lead in other places.  I think about how challenging balancing summer responsibilities while trying not to be hard on myself being a way from family during these weeks.  Because of these circumstances, and the great friends near and far helping me-I am putting into practice a few action items to try to balance both worlds out during this really busy season.

  1.  Stay connected even miles away.  Thank goodness for Facetime! At each conference I make sure to Facetime my boys (and my dog) to show them the things I am seeing and stay connected face to face.image
  2. Make sure they know I am thinking about them.  Running 1.5 miles to Voodoo Donuts and then running back with shirts because that is a favorite place of one boy.  Bringing back a new robot I saw at #ISTE2016 for my other son who is getting into Robotics next year and taking tons of pictures I can share with them all helps me to make sure that they know day and night I am thinking of them. I have  a private facebook album that I share with my grandmother (who is 91 and has more energy than I do).  I take pictures of my travels and then after she sees them we email back and forth about when she was in those places and her experiences.image
  3. Work at Work.  I really try hard to accomplish as much work at these conference as I can.  At night I take notes, reflect on learning and application for the next school year.  I read on planes and have tackled 4 of the professional books already that I wanted to read this summer.  I catch up on Voxer and blogs that I have saved so when I get home I can go to airplane mode (thank you Adam Welcome) and focus on family time.

I am learning that even I could-I don’t want it all.  I really just want to go to bed each night knowing that I did my best to be present in the moment (either in person or virtually) to those who care about me.

And that is good enough.



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