Finding Fulcrum Between Work and Life

Wow-March is back.  I tend to forgot how crazy busy this time of year can be until I am in the middle of it shaking my head.  Thanks to my awesome PLN I know I am not the only one out there feeling a little frazzled right now….

giphy (2)


So how do we find the point that supports that balance we so desperately need?

  1.  Find some whitespace on your calendar.  I am really trying hard to have at least (2) 30 minute blocks of ‘free’ on my calendar.  Use that time to get out of the office-check in on students/staff-or just get a little fresh air and new perspective.
  2. Bring back #inboxzero.   I was doing soooo good with my email until about mid February.  It took a nudge from my #Worklifebalance Voxer group to remind me how important that strategy was for me and how good it felt not to be glued to email all….day…..long.
  3. Make time for yourself and for your family.  The school year is a full on endurance, ultra marathon.  Don’t forget to walk, hydrate and look at the scenery when going through the year. ‘I really wished I would have stayed at work instead of going home to have dinner with my family’ said no…one…ever.
  4. Find your happy place again.  Maybe it is journaling, or reading, or running, or riding a bike.  Whatever fill your cup back up-make sure you are getting enough of that during this season.

To steal a line from my friend Jay-‘Lets make this the best March of the year!’

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Keep Dreaming Big for our Littlest Learners,




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