Learning to Lead from PLC’s

During the past two years our school staff has gone #ALLIN using the PLC model.  The work of these teams is incredible.  From creating actionable SMART goals to developing comprehensive common formative assessments in reading and math (with 15 sections of the same grade in the same school) our journey has been fast and exciting.

Working with a team of teachers can be demanding, intense and rewarding when you have the right frame of mind moving into the work.  An area of ongoing focus for myself is to provide clarification and guide teachers in the art of leading a PLC.


Leader or Facilitator

PLC’s focus on the right work, right now and together.  Conversations about what is working, what is not, and how to change it require collaboration and communication.  PLC teams that facilitate the conversation instead of having someone lead the conversation provides equal footing for everyone to have a voice.

Teacher or Learner

When teams are discussing what needs to be done to ensure ALL students are achieving at high levels….titles, awards and status step aside to make room for opportunities in which everyone can learn together.  There is no one expert in the room-the room has the expertise.  Remembering that we can learn from each other sets the stage for honest and authentic collaboration.

Presenter or Participant

As a participant in a PLC you have an opportunity to be an equal leader and learner.  Roles are decided ahead-but can rotate throughout the course of the year.  By distributing the leadership of the team you build trust, confidence and opportunities for all teachers to shine.

While we can shift our roles in a moment to meet the needs of the team knowing how to lead the work is just as important and the work itself.

Keep dreaming BIG for our Littlest Learners.







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