Summer is in Session: Parent Engagement.

This weekend I am traveling up to the Twin Cities to celebrate the high school graduation of a former student that really became more of a family member.  This guy and I started kindergarten together, he spent time with my husband and met Kenny way before anyone else (kindergartner students have very interesting questions about... Continue Reading →


Pulling Back After A Busy Season. #PrincipalinBalance

These past few months have been busy.  Between meetings, conferences, family commitments and travel it has been a long time since I have seen white space on the calendar for any day of the week.  During the last week or so I have been reaching out to other leaders to find ideas and ways to... Continue Reading →


Recalibrate meaning, definition, what is recalibrate: to make small changes to an instrument so that it measures accurately.  Cambridge English Dictionary.  Oh February.....this season of the year.  Winter conferences, family activities, indoor recess, limited daylight and germs everywhere.   At times the pace of this season can really knock me off my center.  The hours... Continue Reading →

Weird Principals.     Have you ever heard that advice “Just be yourself” and ever actually really do it?   We try so hard in leadership positions to be what we think others want us to be, remembering the many, many leadership ‘characteristics’ that are apparently so vital for success. We read, try to imitate,... Continue Reading →

Before the Bell Rings: 4 Ways to Stay Balanced with School and Home.

August.  The month for educators of excitement, anticipation, and the start of a new (school) year.  Many of us left our classrooms/schools in June with a list of books to read, conferences to go to, and big ideas for the next school year.  If you are like me June-July-August are months that help me ramp... Continue Reading →

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