Better..or better enough. #principalinbalance

Lately I have been in a zone of reading a lot on becoming a better..something. A better woman, a better principal, a better wife, a better mom, better at social media and better at leading. In all this reading what is the common thread….slow down.

In today’s pressures to be the better everything, at all times, the reading I have been doing is actually saying the opposite.

Multi-tasking is also the quickest route to mental exhaustion, the true source of which is not being busy but the strain you put on your brain when you do two things at once.

How Women Rise. Sally Helgesen and Marshall Goldsmith.

In our different titles it is hard not to get caught up in all of them all the time. The additional mental fatigue has physical and emotional impacts on our day to day operations. As hard as it is, compartmentalizing is a way to thrive, not just survive in these demands. Turning off notifications on your phone, only answering emails at certain times of the day (and maybe not at all at night), and for goodness sakes-take a day off-or a whole weekend once in a while. Unplugging from work means you can focus your full attention on yourself, you friends and your family.

“Where we want to be cautious . . . is when the sound of a voice or a cup of coffee with a friend is replaced with ‘likes’ on a post.” 

Cal Newport, ,Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World

How often are we too busy to get together with friends? This one hit me hard this past weekend as I was able to get together with my friends from elementary and high school-almost five years since our last face to face meet up! And here is the crazy thing about our time together-we never once posted a single picture together. Instead we have mental memories (and a few items from our shopping adventures) to remind us of the time we had together, no likes, retweets or follows needed.

So here we go educators. This is the final stretch, the last six miles of the marathon, the fourth quarter or second half of the game. The challenge is not to do it all, but get done what needs to get done, turn off the computer and go home and recalibrate and regroup for the next day. Your students need the very best up until the very end so take that into consideration the next time you have an opportunity to do something with a friend.

Dream Big, Live Colorfully, Lead Boldly and #elevate every interaction and action.


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