20’19’ Ways to #Elevate Your Leadership-The Final Chapter

The Final Four! You made it, if you missed a few installments just click on my blog at https://principalinbalance.wordpress.com/ if you want the full infographic and would be willing to join the tribe click here to sign up.

These four don’t need much of introduction, but certainly a good reminder now, or anytime of year.

16. Go home. Seriously, the work will be there tomorrow, the email can’t wait, but your family and your own self-care can’t anymore. Shut it down, unplug and get back at it tomorrow after some much needed self-care. Need a tribe to connect in this work? Feel free to follow the #BalanceLAP on twitter for ideas.
17. Schedule a 5 minute walk through. This idea-it is genius!! And why wouldn’t it be-it is from #LeadLAP co-author and mentor of mine Shelley Burgess-read and apply as often as you possibly can!
18. Set office hours and stick to them. This works hand in hand with #16. I schedule time to read email, time for classroom visits and time to go home. What you measure and monitor gets done…including your life outside of your title.
19. Start, or restart a blog. It has’t been consistent, and it is full of spelling and grammatically errors-but blogging for me is a bookmark in my career, a reflection of where I am today and where I want to be tomorrow. Nervous or not sure where to start? Let me know how I can help-we are better together!

You did it! You got through all 19 ways! I hope I get to see you this year and hear how these have helped you-or if you have found a few new tricks that I could use. Thanks for your time and for making 2019 a year to #Elevate all we do.


Dream Big-Live Colorfully-Lead Boldly


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