20’19’ Ways to #Elevate Your Leadership-Part Three

Wow-January…slow down! This is when the rubber meets the road. My Peloton isn’t dusty..but the mileage is dropping as the days drift further away from January 1 and I need to recalibrate and find a reasonable pace that I can sustain…anyone else?

We are over the hill and sharing five of the last nine ideas-again if you want the full infographic and would be willing to join the tribe click here to sign up.

11. Go for a walk, hike, run or bike ride. Even 10 minutes is better than 3. Set the alarm, don’t hit snooze and get up and get moving. Your health, your mindset, and your waistline will thank you.
12. Drink lots of H20. Our kitchen cabinets are full of water bottles…like you open one up and they fall out. In January I have upped the stakes and started adding a lemon into my water at least for half the day, and envision sipping it on the warm beach of anywhere.
13. Each lunch with students. I have gotten into a habit of grabbing a salad from the cafeteria and racing back to the office and eating staring at the computer. Last month as I was going back for the fork I forget every time a group of 8th grade girls waved me down, and made room for me to sit. Now at least once a week I eat with the kids…and as a present, one day I even got to sit with my charming 8th grade son: picture here for proof:

14. Start a coding club. In Hacking Early Learning we talk about utilizing technology as a tool to create and not consume technology. Coding Clubs are a great way to start…looking for lessons plans? Click here: Chapter 5: Find Your Tech Focus.
15. Jump into Band or Choir practice. One day I was running up to meet with a student in Choir, and then I stayed. The next week during warm ups in 8th grade band I stepped up to the percussion section and showed off my rusty snare drum skills. The kids-shocked. The teachers-supported. Try it.

Okay these challenges give leaders choices from PreK-12th grade, no excuses not to try, some are helpful to build a healthy school culture, others are to build up your own health. Stay tuned for next weeks final four! Not sick of me yet? Want to learn more or have me come speak to your school? Connect with my friend, my agent and remarkable person Ryan at Premier Speakers


Dream Big-Live Colorfully-Lead Boldly


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