20 ’19’ Ways to #Elevate Your Leadership-part two.

So last week we had the first five ways to look at how you can #Elevate what you do and your daily interactions with others in small, easy ways. Take it from the person who has mastered almost 6 ingredient recipes in her Instant Pot-I love easy.

Today we tackle the next five-again if you want the full infographic and would be willing to join the tribe click here to sign up.

….and here they are:

6. Follow a podcast. Podcasts are more and more popular every year. My morning routine now includes listening to one of these while getting ready for the day or the drive to and from work.

7. Play at recess. The research is in….play is really good for adults, and kids. So bring a pair of sneakers, or for us in the midwest-a pair of snow boots and get out and play with your students!

8. Good News Call of Day. My good friend, Mark French, has been doing this for years. I started a little last year at the Kindergarten Center and then decided to give it a try at the middle school. Parents continue to report back what surprise and pride they have for their child during and after the call. Many of which state they had never received a call from the principal in the past 7-8 years of school!

9. Sub for a teacher. Yes I did it for 16 teachers last year and already 4 this year. Don’t believe me: blog post here.

10. Read a book outside of education. There is a funny story about my first introduction to the work of John Wooden…one that can be shared only face to face. Challenge yourself to read something outside of your normal genre and find ways you can connect it back to your day to day operations-for me my first is the following in 2019:

…and bonus this author will be @ASCD Empower 19-will you?

Well, there they are the next five…stay tuned in the next few weeks we have 9 more to try, and as always feel free to find me everywhere @JessicaCabeen if you have any questions or ideas to add!

Dream Big-Live Colorfully-Lead Boldly


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