#OneWord 2019: Elevate

New’s Year Day is one of my favorite of the year. My family lays low, watches football and spends the first day of the year looking forward to what is to come. Today I spent time reviewing my previous #OneWords and what I learned:

  • in 2016 I worked to become BETTER in aspects of life.
  • in 2017 I was attempting to FOCUS in at school and home.
  • in 2018 I struggle to say NO more to somethings to say yes to others.

This year my word came to me when spending time with the incredible Ryan Giffen in October. We were talking and he had challenged me to really think about what gifts I wanted to share with others, and what I valued in this work of leading, learning and building a tribe of educators. A day later, and hours reflecting, I texted him the following:


This past year I learned a lot about what it takes to lead together, the importance of learning from and with others, and how in everyday we have opportunities to look at our interactions with others and learn from them.

I look forward to continuing to build this tribe of educators committed to hard work, bigger challenges and seeing their work lived out in the students we serve. If you are interested in jumping in with us-please drop me your name and email below, and I will send you the 20 ’19’ ways to Elevate Your Leadership graphic as a gift for the New Year. 

20’19’ Ways to Elevate Your Leadership

Keep Dreaming Big, Living Colorfully, Lead Boldly and #Elevate all you do,


Dream Big-Live Colorfully-Lead Boldly


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