The LED Project #142: Learning on the Journey w/ Jessica Cabeen

Such an honor to be on Lighthouse Educators Podcast talking about my favorite topic-educators! The LED Project #142: Learning on the Journey w/ Jessica Cabeen

20’19’ Ways to #Elevate Your Leadership-The Final Chapter

The Final Four! You made it, if you missed a few installments just click on my blog at if you want the full infographic and would be willing to join the tribe click here to sign up. These four don't need much of introduction, but certainly a good reminder now, or anytime of year.... Continue Reading →

20’19’ Ways to #Elevate Your Leadership-Part Three

Wow-January...slow down! This is when the rubber meets the road. My Peloton isn't dusty..but the mileage is dropping as the days drift further away from January 1 and I need to recalibrate and find a reasonable pace that I can sustain...anyone else? We are over the hill and sharing five of the last nine ideas-again... Continue Reading →

20 ’19’ Ways to #Elevate Your Leadership-part two.

So last week we had the first five ways to look at how you can #Elevate what you do and your daily interactions with others in small, easy ways. Take it from the person who has mastered almost 6 ingredient recipes in her Instant Pot-I love easy. Today we tackle the next five-again if you... Continue Reading →

20 ’19’ Ways to #Elevate Your Leadership This Year.

Here we and running. You have your #OneWord, your new planner, the calendar is set, the meal planning done, you are in a better place today than you were last year in successfully completing the goals before you. In the next few weeks I hope to share some new tips and ideas to help... Continue Reading →

#OneWord 2019: Elevate

New's Year Day is one of my favorite of the year. My family lays low, watches football and spends the first day of the year looking forward to what is to come. Today I spent time reviewing my previous #OneWords and what I learned:in 2016 I worked to become BETTER in aspects of 2017 I was... Continue Reading →

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