Dream Big-Live Colorfully-Lead Boldly

People-it is November, the pace of the race of the year is picking up. While seasons are changing and special events are ramping up-this is the time when our self-care can fall completely off our radar.

While giving a keynote with the COSA PreK-3 Early Learning Conference we as educators took the time to really rethink our personal, professional, positional and passion practices and committed to prioritizing the oxygen mask on ourselves first before we helped others.

Dream BIG!

How many chances do you give your students to learn?

If the answer is as many as they need-ask the question again…

How many chances do you give yourself to learn?

As educators we often get stuck in the perfection trap and at times fear of failure stops us from starting. Each and everyday our students take risks, try new things, and accomplish what they never thought they could. As educators-start looking to your student’s lead and stop letting fear get in the way of trying.


Live Colorfully!

We all want to do this, but sometimes our positional title gets in the way of who we are outside of the school. Making the time to reconnect with who you are, and the people around you that make you better is just as important as your day job.

Want to break up with your phone?

How about trying In box Zero




Lead Boldly!

Leadership looks different today than it did when we were students in the seats. Teacher leaders and school leaders need to be more collaborative and look to learn from each other and with social media that opportunity is easier than ever before.

Want to learn about becoming a connected school leader?

Want to learn more, connect with others? Contact Jessica Johnson, Sarah Johnson or myself and we can add you to a growing Voxer group committed to this work.

Dream Big, Live Colorfully, Lead Boldly and #Elevate everything you do!



Interested in learning more?

Want Jessica to come to your school, district or organization to share more?

Contact Premier Speakers at : https://premierespeakers.com/jessica_cabeen



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