Becoming the Emergency Contact. #LeadForward #HackingEarlyLearning

This past weekend I was able to spend time with a very close family friend in another state. Years ago this relationship started as a school family, the oldest daughter and I go way back to my years at the middle school as her Assistant Principal. Her younger sisters came through the kindergarten center and mom…well now I call her a dear friend.

As I was reflecting on our brief visit and wondered why after all these years and many miles apart this relationship had sustained outside the four walls of our former schools.

The answer: I became the emergency contact for the family.

This is unconventional, and certainly not an everyday occurrence. At the time when I asked to help, it was a mutual relationship.  I could help out when mom needed it, and she could help me become a better mother to my own African son. Years later I look back on the moments I was able to have with this family.

  • Celebrating after the basketball wins.
  • Picking up a sick child when dad was out of the country
  • Eating at the dinner table and watching my own son enjoy the opportunity for real African food
  • Drinking tea and talking about life here in the US and back in Africa
  • Sharing our hopes and dreams for our children

Through all of this I learned to become a better mother to my adoptive son from Africa- through the stories and connecting with people who understood his culture the best.

And while it is said a parent is a child’s first teacher….

……parents can also teach principal a thing or two.

#elevate everything you do,



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