Etiquette for Principals. #ThankAPrincipal

October is #ThankaPrincipal month, and it couldn’t be a better month to have it. Many school leaders have been going strong since July 1st (or honestly never stopped). We are all a month or two into the year and the honeymoon phase is officially over. However one thing I have learned is that we as principals, well, we don’t take compliments very well.

School leaders are cheerleaders, we sit in the back row of the concerts, in the stands at sporting events, or behind the teachers at dismissal. We greet families at conferences, we help in the cafeteria, and some of us even ride the school bus. With all the busyness of the business of leading-when compliments come our way we tend to brush them away too busy to really appreciate the message another person is sending.

In the last two weeks I have had my share of ‘feedback’ from stakeholders-I seem to take criticism way better than the compliment. But in the past three days two people, dear mentors and friends, have shared specific compliments with me about how I lead that are still ringing in my ears.

So principals when someone in Central Office, a former student, or a forever mentor tells you thank you…..stop, listen, and be grateful for the time and effort they took to tell you how amazing you are….

….and then never forget it.

Dream Big-Live Colorfully-Lead Boldly.



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