When Your Quadrants Collide #BalanceLAP

Hey, I am back…..I think.

No matter how many years you are in education, switching schools, roles and grade levels is…well exhausting. Three months into this new position and I think I am finally ready to come up for air. While I pull into the garage every night exhausted, I wake up every morning so excited for the next day, the new opportunities and challenges to make a difference in the middle school. Last weekend I was able to attend a leadership conference and reconnect with my Minnesota principal friends, during the week I was able to Voxer, text, and even send a few handwritten cards out-something I regularly did in my previous position, but have neglected in this new role.

One thing I have learned in this new season is that the four quadrants of #BalanceLAP can crossover each other in a season of changes and challenges.

For example my professional reading of Formative Classroom Walkthroughs and the book study I am in is totally enhancing how I see instruction at the middle level (positional). My love of reading (Passions) has intersected with the #BookSnaps I have posted outside my office every week. And, well connecting with students during their extra curricular activities has connected me back to my love of music.

So while I am writing this while my youngest is finishing his piano practice and before we head out to dinner at a restaurant where one of my students works…remember that every action (or interaction) you have might have multiple connections to your ability to be balanced.

Dream Big-Live Colorfully-Lead Boldly.


–my quadrants this week:

Balance Blog Quadrants (6).png

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