When Your Quadrants Collide #BalanceLAP

Hey, I am back.....I think. No matter how many years you are in education, switching schools, roles and grade levels is...well exhausting. Three months into this new position and I think I am finally ready to come up for air. While I pull into the garage every night exhausted, I wake up every morning so... Continue Reading →

Taking Steps to Become a Connected School Leader. #MESPAMN

Wow, September is almost over? In my 10 years as a school leader-this year, this month by far has gone the fastest. A new position, new grade levels, new challenges and new opportunities have allowed me to really reflect on how I can use my PLN in a new way to help me sustain the... Continue Reading →

Hacking Early Learning with Better Leaders Better Schools.

Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast-Listen HERE! Jessica Cabeen Show Highlights: What it’s like to be a recovering Middle School AP The importance of shadowing students and teachers Jessica’s system for writing a personal note to every single student at the beginning of the year Jessica has no email on her phone … could you? “Leaders... Continue Reading →

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