FOMO and Gearing Up for Back to School. #HackingEarlyLearning

It is August already. Some of us are gearing up for students to return, others have a few more weeks left. Regardless of when school starts we have all seen the posts, pictures and videos of the incredible things schools are doing to gear up for the new school year.

Here is a trap you might get caught in known as the “Fear of Missing Out” or envy of what others are doing. It can be easy to see other’s posts and feel less than or left out-but the point of their posts is to share, celebrate and collaborate with our PLN. Moving into a new position (and new grade levels) has me back at square one.

What I knew about our school climate, staff and back to school readiness is lost on my new position. So as I see these great ideas floating around Twitter and Facebook here is what I am doing with them:

Follow/Friend  See someone who has been posting epic videos, engaging staff energizers or those awesome staff newsletters? Follow/Friend them and make sure you watch them throughout the year.  Also don’t be afraid to ask them via Direct Message (twitter) or Messenger (Facebook) how they did it? I have reached out to so many other principals this summer to gain their advice, insight and tech tips-and each time they share everything they possibly can with me!

Save it for later. All these ideas are going into a Google Folder for me called “Bucket list for my Middle Level Years”. That way when I know the staff and school culture better I have a whole menu of ideas ready to go!

Try one thing, do it well. I am currently focusing on how to create successful teaming at the middle school and introducing PLC’s by departments. So I am reaching out to those of you pushing out fantastic ideas to gain more background knowledge in my targets for this year, while saving the other ideas for later.

So as you are looking at the incredible ideas being shared-what is you target and what are you aiming for?

Dream Big-Live Colorfully-Lead Boldly!


my quadrants for the week:

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