Mistakes Made.

Last night was the tenth year I was able to volunteer at our high school graduation. It was also the last class I had as the middle school assistant principal. As we were downstairs getting students ready to line up and walk out a former student came up to me and apologized. He said he... Continue Reading →

A Change in Course.

Tomorrow is our last day of school, and my last day of kindergarten. First Day of Kindergarten-September 2012 After six incredible years of listening, learning and leading I am graduating from Woodson Kindergarten Center. Starting July 2nd I will be starting a new role in a familiar school-as the Principal of Ellis Middle School. While... Continue Reading →

Self Care for Selfless Educators. #PrincipalinBalance

Self Care for Selfless Educators. #PrincipalinBalance June 3, 2018Jessica CabeenEdit"Self Care for Selfless Educators. #PrincipalinBalance" In Minnesota spring has taken it’s time getting here. With a sharp change of seasons all of sudden the end of the year came quickly. Some of us out here are finished with the year, others of us (myself included)... Continue Reading →

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