Hack 7: Invite Yourself Out and Invite Others In Creating coherence between the worlds of early ed and K-12. #HackingEarlyLearning


When we are working together, PreK and K-12, in authentic ways-communication, collaboration and high expectations for all students becomes

the real focus of everyone’s work. Finding ways to work and learn together and less in isolation from the each other is critical to ensure the transition between the two systems is kid and family-focused first.



  1. Do you know which schools your students come from or are going to? Challenge  yourself to a site visit this year to see this different setting and get to know the incredible educators educating the children everyone is serving.
  2. Got awesome PD? Invite the preK or K-3 teachers over to join you.
  3. Show some love. Early in the school year send a note to the former teacher thanking them for something incredible they did that made a difference in the student’s life.


Colleen Schmit

Want to know how to 
show kids you care?

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