Hack 4: More Heart, Less Hammer Incorporating Social Emotional Learning as a Core Curriculum. #HackingEarlyLearning


Learning the hidden and visible rules of your first school experiences can be challenging. And research continues to show that for students whoare identified at-risk, this learning curve can at times be an insurmountable challenge. More education, more conversations, and clear expectations that are relevant and developmentally appropriate for our hurting learners will only support their learning as they grow.



  1. What are you key social-emotional skills that all students should have? How do you teach, re-teach and reinforce these skills throughout the year?
  2. What role does your own emotional state play into how you work with students to reteach expectations after a misstep?
  3. How can mindful practices play a role in the development of Social Emotional Learning for students (and adults)?


Todd Neselony Bethany Hill

Want to know 
How to build relationships with students? Ask Them

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