Hack 7: Invite Yourself Out and Invite Others In Creating coherence between the worlds of early ed and K-12. #HackingEarlyLearning

Listen When we are working together, PreK and K-12, in authentic ways-communication, collaboration and high expectations for all students becomes the real focus of everyone’s work. Finding ways to work and learn together and less in isolation from the each other is critical to ensure the transition between the two systems is kid and family-focused... Continue Reading →

Hack 6: Please Put Play Back In the School Day. Innovating, aligning, and providing time for play and learning. #HackingEarlyLearning

Listen When did play became the forbidden four-letter word in school? With academic expectations and standardized testing becoming more and more prioritized at younger and younger ages it is important to be armed with information that address the critical importance of having both high expectations and play in all grades. Learn Play in the ‘New’ First... Continue Reading →

Hack 4: More Heart, Less Hammer Incorporating Social Emotional Learning as a Core Curriculum. #HackingEarlyLearning

Listen Learning the hidden and visible rules of your first school experiences can be challenging. And research continues to show that for students whoare identified at-risk, this learning curve can at times be an insurmountable challenge. More education, more conversations, and clear expectations that are relevant and developmentally appropriate for our hurting learners will only... Continue Reading →

Hack 5: Find Your Technology Focus Creativity, Computational Thinking, and Coding. #ISTE18

Listen When we stop worrying about all the things technology couldn’t do for us-we can start thinking about all the opportunities it has for our students. Listening to what students are interested in and aligning innovative practices to those ideas will only amplifying what we are currently doing. Allow teachers opportunities to face their own fears... Continue Reading →

Hack 3: Use ABC’s, 123’s, and PLC’s. Creating high-quality learning experiences and supports. #HackingEarlyLearning

Listen The Chapter on….Pinterest.  It is a hard balance, and a daily reflection to ensure we are providing learning environments that are engaging, fun,purposeful and relevant for the foundational learning today that will accelerate opportunities for all students tomorrow. That type of delicate and daily balance requires a commitment from all teacher to define what it... Continue Reading →

Hack 2: Lead from your feet-not your seat. Becoming the visible leader your school needs. #HackingEarlyLearning

Listen So we know the ‘why’ behind this work. Chapter two helps to find the ‘how’ do we learn and lead from this knowledge-in whatever position you hold in your school or district. This ‘active’ listening allows us to be in the classrooms, on the playground, and in parent drop off lanes to see the learning... Continue Reading →

Hack 1: Dream Big for Our Littlest Learners! #HackingEarlyLearning

Listen Dreaming big means understanding where we are starting so we can shoot for the stars for our students. If you are new to early learning, having a foundation of why this time in a child’s life is integral to their future learning is key. What is your personal learning plan for this work? Finding what... Continue Reading →

Hacking Early Learning: Jumping IN! #HackingEarlyLearning

Welcome-thanks for jumping in to an exciting opportunity! I used to think the most prestigious jobs in education were with the older kids. High School Principal, High School Educators, Varsity Soccer Coach, District Office Staff. And then I entered kindergarten…..as an adult. The early years are the most important years for our students today. What... Continue Reading →

Balance Like a Pirate Summer 2018 Challenge. #BalanceLAP

Balance Like a Pirate Summer 2018 Challenge   Ok, so Jessica Johnson, Sarah Johnson, and I wrote a book that is coming out in a few weeks. And it has an interesting title to hook people. (Argh to our fellow PIRATES). The truth is that for us, it’s really not about just publishing a book... Continue Reading →

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