#OneWord 2018 No

It is that time of year, the start of a new calendar year brings an opportunity to reflect, rethink and review what you have done this year and what you want to change next year.

In 2016 my #oneword was Better

In 2017 my #oneword was Focus

…and in 2018 my #oneword will be No.

This year I am making an intentional effort to recalibrate, refocus and return to the key priorities in all quadrants of my life. I am grateful for family, friends and my PLN for supporting me and holding me accountable during this incredible year and hope someday I can return the favor for each and every one of them.

But for now I am focusing on resetting the boundaries that I blurred this year.

I might be saying no to…meetings, events, social gatherings.

To say yes to….opportunities to have intentional time with my family.

I might also be saying no to….fast food, latte’s and junk food.

To say yes to……healthier food choices that will keep me energized and focused.

Don’t take it personal if I can’t keep up with……twitter chats, incredible new books, blog posts, podcasts and voxer messages.

Because I am trying to say yes to……putting margin back in my life and white space back into my day.

Honor to be asked (1)

Dream Big, Live Colorfully and Lead Boldly!










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