Finding joy in the journey, not just the final outcome.

Two weeks ago I ran the California International Marathon with my very dear friend Adam Welcome. Marathon weekend was an incredible experience that created memories I will never forget.


Since I have come back home I have been asked what my favorite part of the race was…my answer the training.

While the actual race took under 5 hours, there was 18 weeks and over 150 training runs logged since August 2017. Many Friday nights were spent playing cards with my boys and then going to bed early to get up for yet another long run. Daily stretching and a diligent focus on nutrition kept me almost completely injury free. Running parters-either in person-or virtually through voxer-kept me focused on the end goal when I was frustrated or tired during the middle and end of the training weeks.

Throughout this journey I saw parallels between running and leading or teaching today.

Have an end game in mind AND celebrate the milestones along the way.



Working in a building of all kindergarten students waiting to celebrate their final accomplishment of graduating high school is not as rewarding as watching a student read for the first time, work together in play centers with a peer to code a BeeBot through a challenge, or start to speak their first words in English and realize the power of communicating with a peer. Yes our end game is graduation for all our learners, but we certainly celebrate the steps along the way.

Love the process not the final product.


As educators we have an opportunity to be like the volunteers at the water stops along the marathon route. Offering support and supplies if our students need it, and if they don’t still cheering them on as they run past us towards their end goal.


Our incredible, encouraging, and inspiring crew at the California International Marathon. 

Finishing a marathon was not an end-but a new beginning.


my final marathon mantra of 2018

While another marathon isn’t in the plans for anytime soon, this experience challenged and changed me in so many ways. I am ready to look for the new opportunities that will push me as a person and help me to develop deeper relationships with my family, friends, students and staff.

As many of us will be setting new personal and professional goals for the 2018 calendar year remember these steps:

Set the goals-Follow the plan-Ask for help.

Whatever you decide to go after next year-enjoy the journey.

Dream Big, Live Colorfully, and Lead Boldly.


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  1. The journey is what makes the finish line so sweet, because of the experiences along the way shape who we are and how we exist in the world! Love being on the Woodson journey with you and the Woodson families!

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