Rule #3 Set the tone: visually.

“People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel”

  • Smile.  The first impression a scared 5 year old is going to have of the leader of their school.  A smile goes an incredibly long way for both the child and parent.  This smile doesn’t start on the first day of school-it starts way back in April at the first time families have feet on campus, and continues throughout the spring and summer.  
  • Get down at their level.  I learned early on that the skirt suits I wore at the middle school were not going to serve me well at the kindergarten center.  I do my best to be at eye level with those I serve when talking with them-that means a whole lot of getting up and down off the floor.  When I greet families at registration I answer the parent/child question while looking eye level at the child.  
  • Staff apparel.  Taking advice from Joe Sanfelippo and Tony Sinanis we have a lot of staff swag at our school.  From tote bags to water bottles we do our best to share our school pride-but day one of schools is my favorite.  Our PTC provides each staff member with a Woodson Kindergarten Center T-Shirt.  On day one there is a sea of support that families can ‘see’ all over the building.  Not only does this build a sense of school pride-but it also gives parents a sense of safety in regards to the amount of support their child has in our school.

Whatever you do to welcome families do it well and make sure everyone can see the positive messaging and support you are giving everyone each day.

Keep Dreaming BIG for our LITTLEST Learners, Rule 4 tomorrow.



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