Just a Sunday Drive….

Today was our first big admin meeting for the new school year.  Of course the question “What did you do over the weekend” came up in casual conversation…however my response was quite…..uncommon.

“Oh me? Sunday I drove 2 1/2 hours and met a woman (who I had only met once before face to face)-and then I got in her car and we drove another 2 hours to bring another woman (well this one I had met twice before in person) Starbucks.”

Being the avid reader and researcher I am in work and life on the way to this meet up I listened to Jen Hatmaker’s podcast “For the Love!”  in which she featured Shasta Nelson and her research on friendship.  Shasta’s identifies levels of relationships with others in five domains-and then how to define expectations within each level.

circles of connectdness

These two women that I drove eight plus hours for…are my committed friends.  Even though we rarely (okay twice in two years) have been in the same physical space-we talk (Voxer, phone, text) daily.  We share a love of leading (and very different levels), running (at very different paces and distances), reading (a lot of everything and anything), parenting (at different ages and stages of development) and everything else you might connect with friendship.

When you find those friends that you connect with on so many levels-hang onto them-you will never know when you will need them to bring you a Venti Mocha Frappucinno.



Whatever you do in life-live it colorfully and lead it boldly.




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