What I Learned While Leading from the Sandbox.


  1.  We can all learning something new each and everyday.  From tying our shoes or begining to read; to learning a new social emotional curriculum and working in a Professional Learning Community our learning is really never complete.
  2. Don’t be afraid.  Learning meanings taking a risk, trying something new in the hopes of learning and growing from the experience.
  3. Sharing and collaborating are really quite the same.  Regardless if you are five years old or fifty-five learning together and sharing with each other is simply semantics when you think about it.
  4. Never ever let anyone dull your sparkle, or twinkle.  Each of us has our own goals, dreams and aspirations.  Just because yours might be different than mine doesn’t mean that it is just as important to achieve.
  5. In any language, at any age, saying your sorry goes along way.  We all make mistakes, and none of us are perfect.  Being honest and admitting it models to others the very best qualities of each of us….being human.
  6. Never…..ever…..give up.  No matter how hard, no matter if it doesn’t seem to be going your way-keep trying each and every day.


Keep Dreaming Big for our Littlest Learners!



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